About Candice

Candice Jarrett

Before embarking on her career as an author, Candice Jarrett has been known as an award-winning songwriter who has performed on stages and television shows around the world.

Candice produced her first album “Powerful Beyond Measure” in 2005 with money she had saved up working both as a cashier and at the popcorn counter at a cinema. In the early years of her career, Candice pounded the pavement and performed in many venues including CBGB’s and The Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, The Paradise Lounge and Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, and St. Anne’s Castle in England. Candice has opened for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend Roger McGuinn of The Byrds and Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root.

In addition to songwriting, Candice wrote a play. Her work “The Fur Coat” landed a coveted spot at an off-off Broadway theatre festival produced on St. Marks in New York City.

Candice began her songwriting career in New York, but her destiny took a fantastic turn that carried her to the other side of the world. Candice taught herself to sing and write original songs in Mandarin Chinese and uploaded them to the Chinese internet as the artist Katara. She soon became a viral sensation on the platform Youku and was invited to tour and appear on Chinese television shows.

Candice released her first original Chinese EP “Katara” in 2013. She was one of the winners of season 6 of a massively popular reality show hosted by Zhou Libo and was invited to walk the red carpet with actor Ludi Lin (Power Rangers/ Mortal Kombat) at the premiere of Johnny Depp’s film Transcendence. Candice also won awards for her original Chinese music during Youku’s “Play and Sing” competition in Shenzhen. She released her self-penned Mandarin language album “The China Doll” in 2016.

In America, Candice had been passionate about volunteering her talents to support organizations and causes close to her heart. She performed at fundraisers for The American Cancer Society and co-wrote a song for a Humane Society to find forever homes for animals in need. While traveling throughout Asia, Candice continued writing songs and doing volunteer work such as helping produce a song to raise awareness for visually impaired children and securing a sponsorship to donate musical instruments to a school for the blind.

After her time in Asia, Candice came back home to the U.S., and while living in Las Vegas, discovered that her love of writing had grown to encompass not only songs but books as well.

In 2017, Candice and her husband traded desert roots for wings and moved out of their rental in Las Vegas and into a motorhome full-time. In their house-on-wheels, they sought out adventure by traveling the U.S. coast to coast. During this time, Candice focused all her creative energy on writing a book. Her first novel was penned by campfires in the middle of the desert, in folding chairs overlooking ocean cliffs, under the streetlights of parking lots, in roaring truck stops, and all the highways in between. Candice has now written two novels (to be released under her own name) as well as published 19 children’s books under a pen name. In June 2023, she announced her debut novel will be called “Mortal Tether” and is set to be released later this year. 

Expanding her artistic talents into the realm of drawing and graphic design, Candice became an NFT artist and has launched many sold-out collections on the Avalanche blockchain. She is the co-founder of Metapep Labs, and the host of Micro Mint Monday – a show dedicated to lifting up artists and creating a strong digital art-focused community.

Candice adores looking for seashells with her awesome husband at the beach, eavesdropping on the conversations of songbirds, swimming with sea-turtles, Scrabble, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. She lives in a motorhome with her husband and goes where the road and her heart takes her.