Candice's debut novel

#1 Amazon Best Seller in FOUR categories!

Mortal Tether reached #1 on the following Amazon Charts: Teen Thrillers, YA Dystopias, YA Apocalypse, and Teen Supernatural Mystery in the Kindle Free Store.


Totally unputdownable sci-fi thriller where a teen girl and boy rescue a baby from immortal monsters. Like AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER, Candice Jarrett’s debut novel MORTAL TETHER masterfully illustrates a child’s eye view of family and friendship against the backdrop of a brutally divided and dangerous world. This book is ideal for fans who enjoyed STRANGER THINGS, THE HUNGER GAMES, and LORD OF THE FLIES.

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About Candice

Candice Jarrett: Author, Songwriter, Artist

Candice Jarrett is an award-winning songwriter who performed on stages and television shows around the world for millions of people. A versatile lyricist, Candice penned her original music in both English and Mandarin Chinese. But that was only the beginning. As the depth of her experiences grew, Candice’s writing expanded to not only include songs but novels as well.

In 2017, Candice and her husband moved into an RV full-time. In their house-on-wheels, they sought out adventure by traveling the U.S. coast to coast. During this period, Candice focused all her creative energy on writing a book. Her first novel was penned by campfires in the middle of the desert, in folding chairs overlooking ocean cliffs, under the streetlights of parking lots, in roaring truck stops, and all the highways in between. Candice has now written two novels (to be released under her own name) as well as published 19 children’s books under a pen name. Her debut novel “Mortal Tether” will be released in Fall 2023.

Candice adores looking for seashells with her dreamboat husband at the beach, eavesdropping on the conversations of songbirds, swimming with sea-turtles, Scrabble, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. She lives in a motorhome with her husband (and adorable puppy Appa) and goes where the road and her heart takes her. Full Bio Here.

Digital Paintings

Creating worlds and characters, for me, extends to not only crafting them with the written word but also brushstrokes as well.

My Titans of Tech collection is particularly close to my heart. This body of work encompasses an in-depth exploration of mortality and our live-to-work, tech-obsessed culture. It is a scathing indictment of how technology uses us as we consume it, illustrating the cost and consequences technology exacts on our own humanity. 

View pieces from this collection and the backstory by visiting my gallery here.

Saturn Devouring His Son - by Candice Jarrett