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Titans of Tech

Titans of Tech is a collection by artist Candice Jarrett. This body of work encompasses an in-depth exploration of mortality and our live-to-work, tech-obsessed culture. It is a scathing indictment of how technology uses us as we consume it, illustrating the cost and consequences technology exacts on our own humanity. 

Setting the Stage:

The fabric of time is a patchwork of dark ages and enlightenment, woven in unending succession.

Titans whose names were once etched upon the stars to be sung by celestial choirs, are now trapped in the fragile bodies of mortal men. Their world has come undone. Lush green fields once made fertile by the blood of vanquished monsters are now graveyards for heroes buried under mountains of plastic baubles.

No longer eternal but utterly temporary, Titans of Tech have forgotten their power. Skyscrapers and smoke block out the stars so they can no longer read their own names in the sky. The only light upon their faces is the blue flicker of an LED screen from which they cannot look away. 

But something stirs in Gaia’s Blood: the fiery magma where Titans were forged. A new heart beats for the first time, mighty and terrible. It sends a shockwave through the earth, splitting its crust down to the deepest canyon of the ocean floor.

And there in the darkness, a sleeping Titan awakes. A Titan who remembers. A Titan ready to make a stand.

Titans of Tech is a 1:1 collection.


The Fates

In the sea of time, the choices we make are as numerous water droplets in an endless ocean. How we react to the good, bad, and even the mundane that befalls us, changes the trajectory of who we become… thereby shaping our very souls. Embrace today. Become who you were meant to be. For we are forged by our past, present, and future – our lives but melodies played on the strings of destiny.

The Fates are a hand-drawn, generative collection.



A 25 pieces of stained-glass inspired art where holders influence the course of the collection by choosing the subject of the next piece. Imagine the possibilities when a community channels their creativity and lived experiences through one focal point. A kaleidoscope of color will unfold as we embark on this journey together.

Imagine is a 1:1 collection.