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Some items that I love that reflect my style, home, tools for my business, and more!

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My favorite lamp

My favorite lamp I own hands down is this gorgeous feather lamp. I originally got it for my bookshelf, but it ended up being slightly too tall. It’s such a statement piece that I ultimately felt like it needed its own space anyway. It allows you to adjust the top and base separately with three color temperatures each. Love this lamp!!

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Ice Cream Maker

I love making homemade ice cream any time I want… and this machine is AMAZING!! You can also make sorbet. Want a recipe? Just ask! Amazon is currently sold out of the white version (although they do have refurbished ones..) but this button will take you to the red version, which is the same model and machine, just a different color… I felt it was best to link to the one you can buy new, not refurbished.

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Wooden Key Holder

Before we got this key holder, my husband and I were forever putting our car keys in different spots throughout the house then frantically looking for them when it was time to leave.

While I tend to be on the minimalist side and normally don’t get little things like this, it ended up being not only practical but super cute! 

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My Novel

Mortal Tether is my debut novel! If you have a bookshelf at your house, please consider getting a copy of my book to put on it. I have signed paperbacks in my TikTok shop or you can get a copy from Amazon by clicking the button below.

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