Mortal Tether Digital Collectibles

Funds generated from this mint will help me with my book launch,
(ie. being able to purchase ads for the novel on Amazon, exposure on Netgalley, as well as ISBNs.)

Mortal Tether NFT

Supporter Rewards!!!

NFT Holders will receive several awesome perks:
  • See your name written in the acknowledgements of the book!* 
  • Legendary characters from this collection will appear in the Hardcover Illustrated Edition of Mortal Tether, available this fall. If you collect one of those, you’ll see your NFT in that edition of the actual physical book!
  • For every 50 NFTs sold, one lucky minter will get a signed autographed paperback mailed to them!
  • Exclusive access to my virtual book launch party where we can celebrate the novel’s release! 
Mortal Tether NFT Mint Party will be hosted by @metapeplabs on September 18th at 10PM ET!!
*Usernames ok, but no drug references or profanity please!

How to get an NFT

There are TWO ways to score a limited edition Mortal Tether NFT.

Method #1: Pre-Order

  • Pre-order either the paperback or ebook from now until September 1st to be eligible* for a free mint of the Mortal Tether NFT.
  • Simply order the book, take a screenshot that includes the order number (you can block out your name) and DM it to me on Twitter @CandiJarrett along with your wallet address and your name as you want it to appear in the book! 
  • Includes all rewards as described above.


Method #2: Mint a Pass

  • Passes are 1155s of the book cover that will grant access to the Mortal Tether NFT mint. These cost 1.5 AVAX each and are available here: until September 1st.
  • Holding more than 1 ticket will make you eligible for more than one Mortal Tether NFT.
  • Includes all rewards as described above.
*Void where prohibited. If you cannot participate due to local regulations in your area, the NFT will also be available for purchase on secondary marketplaces after the book launch. 
Mortal Tether Pre-Order Available in Paperback or eBook

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. The number of NFTs you can claim is equal to the number of books bought.

It should show the order number and item bought (either the ebook or paperback). You don’t have to include your name or address (redacted is ok). 

Mint a ticket before September 1st to be eligible for the NFT drop on September 18th.

So, even if you don’t get a copy of the book, you can still participate.  

No way! If you pre-order a book or get a ticket, you’re definitely getting an NFT. But I hope you can make the party because it’s going to be fun 😉 

Mortal Tether is appropriate for ages 13+. It’s in the Young Adult category, but it’s definitely a novel that both teens and adults can enjoy.

Leave me a comment on my pinned tweet telling me you’ve pre-ordered and I’ll send you a friend request so you can send me the information!

I need your help to make this a success

Why Pre-Orders?

Pre-orders are important for a book launch because all the pre-orders will count as sales on the day the book is published! (In this case, October 1st) This will drive my book higher up in Amazon’s ranking so more people will likely see it, which can lead to a book’s success! 

Some other ways to support:


Fans of Stranger Things, Lord of the Flies, and The Hunger Games will love MORTAL TETHER

What's the Book About?


The Cost of Saving a Life is Steep

Ashes rained down from the heavens, carrying with them an airborne virus capable of twisting all adults on the planet into immortal monsters that hunt children each nightfall. These creatures can never die, but they can kill. And the infection is spreading.
When forces of both good and evil plot to trade innocent lives for the survival of the human race, Amaia must risk everything to rescue the only family she has left from a horrifying fate.
Amaia will find the people  she runs to for help… are the monsters she should truly fear.

“I was CATAPULTED from chapter to chapter” 

Early Reader Review
Mortal Tether by Candice Jarrett

Book News

Follow my progress as Mortal Tether hits major milestones!