Getting My Book on Goodreads

Getting My Book on Goodreads

Today, I got accepted into the Goodreads author program. It was super easy… once I jumped some really serious hurdles 😉

Goodreads won’t classify you as an author until your book is available for pre-sale or live to purchase. After Amazon approved my listing today (Oh yes, did I mention my book is AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER?!) I immediately applied to GR to get the ball rolling. The librarians approved it lightning fast and both epic things were able to happen in the same day. 

I joined Goodreads in 2019 after I had finished writing the first draft of Mortal Tether (then with its working title Plague of Ashes) and have been using GR as a reader, leaving reviews for books and getting recommendations from friends. It is a fun site I really enjoy, and I can’t describe how happy that little author badge next to my name makes me feel. 

My author profile on Goodreads
Mortal Tether on Goodreads

In other news...

As I was going through the process of claiming my Goodreads Author profile, setting up my book’s page on Amazon, etc… I’ve been screen recording the process to make video tutorials for other authors (or aspiring authors) who want to put their work out there. Since I am a video editor + author combined, I figure I am in a position to able to help people with my experience. So, you can expect to see a bunch of helpful author-related videos from me in the near future. 

To that effect, I have recently changed the urls of my ElectraFox social media to make it easier for people to find me. Most of them are now @ElectraFoxBooks. If you’re a writer who needs help with book marketing, affordable book trailers, formatting, cover design, promotional materials, swag, etc. etc. you are definitely going to want to check out my new video series. 

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