Digital Painting: Carving Canyons

Digital Painting "Carving Canyons" by Candice Jarrett

About the Artwork

Today I unveiled a brand new digital painting called “Carving Canyons” – This one was inspired by my music career in many ways… all the times I got on a plane to fly somewhere and spent hours gazing out the window to the landscape below, totally mesmerized with the depth of the crevices, cracks, and craters in the earth. Also, my earliest press kit as a musician had the phrase “carving canyons made of acoustic rock” and this strange, cheesy line makes me smile at my 21-year-old self that came up with it.
The process of creating this piece was so cathartic and relaxing that it’s likely I’ll venture into this style again. The color palette borrows from my Titans of Tech collection, but the density of color gives it a fresh vibe while maintaining its earthy tones.