A 10-Year-Old Comment Comes Back to Haunt Me

When I reactivated my Facebook after many, many years hiatus, I came across an old post that my friend Stephanie had written to me over 10 years ago.

She told me I should write a novel.

10-year-ago me said that I could “never write a novel” – that “maybe I could write a Children’s book”, but “never a novel”… and I completely forgot about that comment until now.

But the thing is…

Over the past two years I’ve now written TWO novels and am working on a Children’s book.

So, when I read my words from 10 years ago, it made me so sad.

Why didn’t I believe in myself then?

I know in my heart I could have done it at 26… but I just didn’t have the confidence to try…

My only consolation is that life takes us on a journey. 10 years ago, my stories would have certainly been different than the ones I’m writing now. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life living the heck out of it and all those memories – good and bad – have enriched my spirit and fortified me.

So, I just have to have faith that it was meant to be this way. The time feels right, and I am creatively more powerful than ever. And if I doubt myself again in the future, I can look back at that 10-year-old comment and remind myself that people are more capable than we sometimes believe.

Though I hope not to, if I short-change myself again, I hope to have a friend like Stephanie who will leave me a comment telling me they believe in me even if I don’t believe in myself.