Crown: My New Album

Crown by Candice Jarrett

Today I am so excited to announce my acoustic album Crown, a collection of songs that form the bedrock of who I am as a songwriter.

Eleven-ish years ago, I had *very* briefly released an album called Acoustic Soup. It was only available for a blink of an eye before my life underwent a tectonic shift and I yanked down all my music and videos (including those songs). The album was shoved onto a shelf before it had the chance to really live in the world and be heard.

Several months ago I walked into my friend John’s record store unannounced as I sometimes do. These days, we go years at a time without seeing each other, but every time we sit and talk in his shop, it’s like no time has passed at all. On this last visit, John mentioned my old album “Acoustic Soup” to me. I was floored that he’d kept his copy from over a decade ago, and within a few seconds of mentioning it to me, he had the disc in his hand.

Hearing it again resurrected so many feelings that I had buried inside myself about this music. Once unearthed, I felt the weight of the decision I’d made eleven years prior. If I’m being brutally honest here, I cried when I listened to it.

Memories came rushing in: into this music I poured my whole self, all my love, energy, agony, heartbreak, joy, hope, and self-discovery. Circumstances happened inside my heart back then that drove me to leave it in a vault, but today, I’m writing a new ending to this story.

Each one of these songs is a diary entry for me: and I have powerful, visceral memories of writing, recording, and performing each one of them. With the maturity I’ve gained over this decade, I’ve now curated those tracks and arranged them in a cohesive way that reflects my greater journey.

I’ve also included my performance of my friend John’s song “Captive Audio” on Crown. Without him telling me how much he’d loved my album, I likely wouldn’t be releasing it today, and I’m so grateful to have such an incredible friend who has unwaveringly believed in my songwriting for over half my life. Thank you John.

So, while it’s taken eleven-years-ish for this music to come back to life, I feel it in my soul that the time has never been more right.

My heart is so full, happy, and light in this moment. I could float where I stand. I’m over the moon to be sharing this music with you today, and I hope these songs speak to your heart.

Thank you for listening and sharing my journey with me.


Listen Here:

“Crown” on Spotify 

“Crown” on YouTube Music